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Our Next Show
October 27, 28, & 29, 2017
Bearsville Theater / Utopia Soundstage
Woodstock, NY

2016 Exhibitors

Last Updated: September 28, 2016. List is subject to change.

Bruce Ackerman Woodstock, NY USA Luthier
Acoustic Guitar Magazine Richmond, CA USA Sponsor
American Archtop Guitars / Dale Unger Nazareth, PA USA Luthier
American Music Furniture / Darrell Jennings Doylestown, PA USA Vendor
American Son Guitars / Conor Wenk Woodstock, NY USA Luthier
Artemis Guitars / Jon Freid Saugerties, NY USA Luthier
Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (ASIA)
& Guitarmaker Magazine
Malone, NY USA Sponsor
Carl Barney Tonewoods Southbury, CT USA Vendor
BassRock Guitars / Eric Bright Schroon Lake, NY USA  Luthier
Beard Guitars / Paul Beard Hagerstown, MD USA Luthier
Bouchereau Guitars / Loic Bortot Quebec City, Quebec Canada Luthier
Borghino Guitars / Mirko Borghino Desenzano del Garda, Brescia Italy Luthier
Bourgeois Guitars Lewiston, ME USA Sponsor
Breezy Ridge Instruments / John Pearse Strings Center Valley, PA USA Vendor
Brier Road Guitars / Nick Lenski Adams, MA USA Luthier
Brondel Guitars / Laurent Brondel West Paris, ME USA Luthier
Buendia Guitars / Leonardo Buendia Oakland, CA USA Luthier
Comins Guitars / Bill Comins Willow Grove, PA USA Luthier
Creative Tunings, Inc. / Peter Einhorn Woodstock, NY USA Vendor
DDK Guitars / Dan Krugman Brooklyn, NY USA  Luthier
D'Addario & Co., Inc. Farmingdale, NY USA Sponsor
Fishman Acoustic Amplification / Fishman, Inc. Andover, MA USA Sponsor
Handmade Guitars by Bob Gramann Fredericksburg, VA USA Luthier
Sam Guidry Guitars Big Rapids, MI USA Luthier
Hibdon Hardwood / Bill Hibdon St. Louis, MO USA Vendor
Hive Ukuleles / Jake Maclay Wheeling, WV USA Luthier
Ithaca Stringed Instruments / Eric Aceto Trumansburg, NY USA Luthier
Guitarras Jaén / Fernando Jaen Horcajo de Santiago, Cuenca Spain Luthier
Isaac Jang Guitars Los Angeles, CA USA Luthier
Martin Keith Guitars Saugerties, NY USA Luthier
Keystone Stringed Instruments / Keisuke Nishi Kodaira-City, Tokyo Japan Luthier
Klein & Kauffman / Steve Klein & Steven Kauffman Vineburg, CA USA Luthier
Randall Kramer Guitars Truckee, CA USA Luthier
Bernd J. Krause Johnson City, NY USA Luthier
Kraus Guitars / William Kraus Middleport, NY USA Luthier
Lame Horse Instruments / Chris & Jeremiah Jenkins Mansfield & Austin, TX USA Luthier
Benoît Lavoie, Luthier Petit-Saguenay, Quebec Canada Luthier
Manzer Guitars / Linda Manzer Toronto, Ontario Canada Luthier
Martin Custom Shop / C.F. Martin & Co., Inc. Nazareth, PA USA Sponsor
Masecraft Supply Co. Meriden, CT USA  Vendor
Maxmonte Guitars / Massimiliano Monterosso Abano Terme, Padua Italy Luthier
Mirabella Guitars & Restorations / Cris Mirabella Babylon, NY USA Luthier
Monteleone Instruments / John Monteleone Islip, NY USA Luthier
Music Caravan / Dana Thorin Scotts Valley, CA USA Vendor
RS Muth Guitars / Randy Muth Hamilton, NY USA Luthier
Noemi Guitars / Noemi Schembri Solighetto, Treviso Italy Luthier
Northwind Timber / Tom Thiel Center Sandwich, NH USA Vendor
Noteworthy Woods / Michael Cyr Liberty, ME USA Vendor
Ogino Guitars / Hiroshi Ogino Takaoka, Toyama Japan Luthier
John Osthoff Guitars Becket, MA USA Luthier
Otterhound Tonewoods / Richard Eyman Manheim, PA USA Vendor
Oxwood Guitars / Bradley Daniels Fenton, MI USA Luthier
PRS Guitars / Paul Reed Smith Guitars Stevensville, MD USA Sponsor
Ken Parker Archtops Gloucester, MA USA Luthier
Pearl Works Charlotte Hall, MD USA Luthier
Phifer Guitars / Woody Phifer Garnerville, NY USA Luthier
RC Tonewoods & Sons / Bob & Peter Cefalu Kenmore, NY USA Vendor
Ribbecke Guitars / Tom Ribbecke Healdsburg, CA USA Luthier
Jay Rosenblatt Guitars West Orange, NJ USA Luthier
Running Dog Guitars / Rick Davis Seattle, WA USA Luthier
Ryan Guitars / Kevin Ryan Westminster, CA USA Luthier
Rodrigo Shopis New York, NY USA Luthier
Solomon Guitars / Erich Solomon Epping, NH USA Luthier
Take a Stand, Inc. / Stuart & Wendy Mono Woodstock, NY USA Vendor
FE Tellier Guitars / Fred Tellier Windsor, Ontario Canada Luthier
Tippin Guitars / Bill Tippin Marblehead, MA USA Luthier
TreeHouse Guitars / Zachary Lefebvre Hilton Beach, Ontario, Canada Luthier
Veillette Guitars / Joe Veillette Woodstock, NY USA Luthier
Maegen Wells Guitars and Mandolins Forestville, CA USA Luthier
Peggy White Guitars Almonte, Ontario Canada Luthier